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Interactive Q&A webinar

Join us for this live virtual event and ask your most pressing HR questions from him directly. Register and send us three of your questions.

Dave Ulrich, The Father of Modern HR, Professor of Business at the University of Michigan

Mihály Nagy, Founder and CEO - The HR Congress


In this interactive one-hour long webinar Dave will answer questions from the HR community

Sample participant questions from our last webinar (May 2017):  

1. It seems the most important language of business Strategic Positioners are financially-related. Are there other "languages" that HR Business Partners need to know?

2. What is Dave's perspective on the fact that the business partner model has led to a great many HR functions shrinking considerably, taking away opportunities to be a strategic positioner? Unintended or intended consequence? 

3. All truly great topics, but if HR always has been supreme in keeping the status quo, can the same HR make that shift, or do we need new CHRO's without HR background?

4. What do you think in terms of HR communication form should be directly with the employees or advising managers, supporting through line managers?

If you want to hear about leading research and actionable advice from the world of work, then this live Q&A is for you. Save your seat now and get your answers. 

Also, this is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in. . .

Important: Whenever Dave sits down and shares his views with us, the content shared makes seismic shifts in the HR world. Register and get the chance to ask up to three questions that Dave and Mihály will try to asnwer during the webinar.