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Michael Chaskalson


The Mindful Executive

webinar with Michael Chaskalson, Thinkers 50 On-Radar



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The pressure on business leaders in this age is heavier than ever. They are expected to perform on the highest level and handle the demands of the changing workplace and leadership practices, as well as their personal lives. There are three key leadership capacities that can make this possible: resilience, collaboration and the ability to stay agile to lead in conditions of high complexity.  

Mindfulness can powerfully help leaders to navigate the complex, dynamic and fast-paced context of this age. Using his model of Mindful Leadership in this webinar, Michael Chaskalson will describe how mindfulness impacts capacities which are considered vital for leaders in the 21st Century, and crucially will also advise how mindfulness when combined with consistent practice can lead to the development of valuable changes in leadership capacities over time. 

Webinar will discuss the pressures that decision makers in organisations are subject to and suggest how mindfulness training, appropriately pitched, can help them work more effectively with their minds and mental states. People attending will learn what mindfulness is, what forms the training usually takes, and what outcomes may be expected from it. 


Michael Chaskalson 

Michael is a pioneer in the application of mindfulness in workplace and leadership contexts. He is the author of the agenda-setting book The Mindful Workplace (Wiley, 2011) and the bestselling Mindfulness in Eight Weeks (Harper Thorsons, 2014).

Based on his 40 years of personal practice of mindfulness and related disciplines, Michael now shares his insights and research with audiences worldwide as a keynote speaker, coach, consultant, and teacher. He works with global corporations and public sector organisations, as well as individuals, so that they better understand mindful leadership practices.  

Michael has also been a successful social entrepreneur, founding a fair trade company that came to have annual sales of £10 million and 200 employees. He is founder and CEO of Mindfulness Works Ltd. and a Professor of Practice at Ashridge Business School, where he co-led ground-breaking research into the outcomes of a Mindful Leader training programme.