Long Tail HR Operations - How HR Leaders Can Create More Value in Scattered Locations
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Vivek Khanna, Chief Client Partner Neeyamo


Long Tail HR Operations - How HR Leaders Can Create More Value in Scattered Locations



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With globalization becoming a new norm, multinational organizations today, have a portion of their employee population as low as double or single digits scattered across a long tail of countries. These “Long-tail” countries pose a unique set of HR challenges that organization struggle to overcome. Very often, these companies have a skewed distribution of employees. While a large portion remains in the home country and a few secondary countries, the remaining employees are dispersed thinly across many countries. The extremely low number of employees in the long-tail countries translates to lack of economies of scale for the delivery of HR services. The weak financial case often results in a cavalier attitude towards HR in these long-tail countries that, in turn, leads to regulatory, payroll, technology, and people challenges. Join this interactive webinar and learn innovative ways solve the problem of long-tail HR.  

Vivek Khanna, Chief Client Partner Neeyamo


Vivek Khanna, Chief Client Partner - Neeyamo 

Vivek is an HRO expert with over 25 years of business development experience. He serves in an advisory role of many HR forums and associations. 

A frequent speaker in global forums and he is a Past Chair of NAPBS-GAC. Vivek leads the global sales organization at Neeyamo and is responsible for driving his team in achieving the revenue goals. Prior to Neeyamo,  

He led a sales team at Hexaware and was responsible for winning some of the largest deals including the first set of North American clients for HRO services.