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The alarming state of primary education in India

Independent research shows that most of 144 million children in 740k Government schools cannot add/subtract or construct simple sentences, even as late as in Grade 5.

Despite doubling the investment in Education, the learning outcomes show a negative trend.

India’s demographic dividend is at risk of becoming its biggest challenge.

The ‘Sampark Smart Shala’ Solution

Sampark Smart Shala is a learning outcome focused, frugal innovation that uses audio technology, a voice mascot called ‘Sampark Didi’, toys, folklore, board games, teacher training modules, and an app combined with rigorous monitoring in collaboration with State Governments.

Today, we work with 7 million children across 76,000 schools at the cost of just $1 per child/annum. Our goal is to transform learning outcomes for 20 million children studying in 200,000 rural government schools by 2025.

Our Programme: Change at scale

76,000 schools covered under a 5 year MoUs with 6 State Governments  transforming learning outcomes of 7 million children

150,000+ Sampark Smart Shala  kits donated to schools.

200,000+ teachers trained every year and using the SF App

7 million+ Sampark Smart Shala Multimedia workbooks with QR codes

Learning outcomes monitored through baseline, endline and monthly audits


For every donation made to The Sampark Foundation, the HR Congress Team will offer you a 100 EUR voucher which you will be able to use at any of our future events.

By investing in the future of children in need,
you’re investing in the future of us all.

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