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Webinar with Dave Ulrich

Webinar with Tamra Chandler

Webinar with Herminia Ibarra

HR is not about HR – Great HR is about making the business better, not HR better – Join this 45 minutes webinar with the father of modern HR, Dr. Dave Ulrich for an up-close and personal interview session to explore how HR leaders can evolve from “trusted advisor” to “credible activist”.

An Interactive Webinar to Help Reboot Performance Management in Your Organization – More and more HR leaders are now beginning to listen to that inner voice saying that old-school performance management methods, such as the dreaded evaluation forms and annual reviews just don’t work anymore, but few organizations have managed to implement bold, substantial changes to their practices.

Conventional leadership journeys are deeply flawed, says INSEAD business school professor Herminia Ibarra — outstanding leaders need ‘outsight’ not insight. Join Leadership expert Herminia Ibarra (INSEAD) for this one hour interactive webinar – and then change your way of thinking. During this unconventional webinar, Ibarra, one of the world’s foremost experts on leadership transitions, provides the first practical guide on how to change when you also need to lead.

Webinar with Michael Chaskalson

Webinar with Dave Ulrich

Webinar with Vivek Khanna

Webinar will discuss the pressures that decision makers in organisations are subject to and suggest how mindfulness training, appropriately pitched, can help them work more effectively with their minds and mental states. People attending will learn what mindfulness is, what forms the training usually takes, and what outcomes may be expected from it.

In this interactive one-hour long webinar Dave will answer questions from the HR community

With globalization becoming a new norm, multinational organizations today, have a portion of their employee population as low as double or single digits scattered across a long tail of countries. Join this interactive webinar and learn innovative ways solve the problem of long-tail HR.



Given the rich seams of workforce data available in organisations today HR analytics has huge potential to deliver clear business benefits, but many HR leaders are left wondering where to start. In this webinar, Jonathan Ferrar, Dr. Nigel Guenole, and Sheri Feinzig will talk you through a new 100 day guide to setting up an analytically enabled HR function in clear, practical steps. Avoid the pitfalls, learn from what others have done and set your organisation up for success with insights from the extensive and successful experiences of IBM and its clients.

Keynote Speech

The marriage of HR and analytics is a requirement for long-term business success. Companies need to move from trying to excel in creating efficiencies in basic reporting to building proper analytics capabilities. One of the ways to advance the art of quantitative research is by spending quality time with data architecture team(s) and investing heavily in story-telling and data visualization. Before deciding on the best technology, training or new analytics team member, however, each company needs a reality check about their existing needs, expectations, and HR culture because only with a clear understanding of where you start will you be able to develop a good roadmap for your analytics journey and clarify everyone’s contribution to its success.

Case Study by Nasa

In this session, learn how to shift your HR organization’s decision making basis from intuition-driven to data-driven, and why asking the right questions can be at least as important as possessing the technical skill to answer them.